Yay, Old iPod

Well, yesterday did not pan out even close to what I had planned, as far as a writing day. In fact, it was a lost writing day, mostly courtesy of several power outages. My experience? The storm was always entertaining, but the power had its ups and downs. (insert sound of rimshot) One drawback to storing your stuff On The Cloud: you must be connected to The Cloud to reach your work. Sure, Tom, I know that most cloud-based apps will allow you to work offline and then sync the next time you’re online. I tried that once and got back a corrupted file. Doh! Fortunately, I have my app set to take backups and I stored my work product on three other clouds, three computers, a RW-CDW, and a thumb drive (me paranoid?). So, left with nothing else to do, I put on an old iPod and listened to whatever music was last loaded oh-so-many years ago and watched the storm do its thing. Between Joe Cocker’s Let’s Go Get Stoned, and Bob Dylan’s Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, I was feeling like that probably wouldn’t have been a bad way to ride out the storm. By the time The Doors’ Riders On the Storm started playing, it was like, wow, dude… Pass the chips, would ya’?

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