Yay, Old iPod

Well, yesterday did not pan out even close to what I had planned, as far as a writing day. In fact, it was a lost writing day, mostly courtesy of several power outages. My experience? The storm was always entertaining, but the power had its ups and downs. (insert sound of rimshot) One drawback to storing your stuff On The Cloud: you must be connected to The Cloud to reach your work. Sure, Tom, I know that most cloud-based apps will allow you to work offline and then sync the next time you’re online. I tried that once and got back a corrupted file. Doh! Fortunately, I have my app set to take backups and I stored my work product on three other clouds, three computers, a RW-CDW, and a thumb drive (me paranoid?). So, left with nothing else to do, I put on an old iPod and listened to whatever music was last loaded oh-so-many years ago and watched the storm do its thing. Between Joe Cocker’s Let’s Go Get Stoned, and Bob Dylan’s Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, I was feeling like that probably wouldn’t have been a bad way to ride out the storm. By the time The Doors’ Riders On the Storm started playing, it was like, wow, dude… Pass the chips, would ya’?

Rain, Rain

Okay, it’s been a wonderful summer, with nearly constant sunshine and so little rain, I think the rain gauge was beginning to feel useless. It’s useless no more. This morning, it increased by more than half an inch overnight. I wish it could spread as far as the wildfires in eastern Washington; they need a good dousing. But I come here not to bury rain, but to praise it. For me, in my writing phase, it does wonders to free up my time. I don’t have to consider watering, mowing, weeding, painting, or any of those outdoor-related activities. I get to write, and dear reader, that can be oh so hard to do sometimes. But not today.


I work best when I can get into a routine. Life, unfortunately, appears to be completely random, and people, let me tell you, it messes with my head something fierce. These little blog postings are designed to help me get into my routine for writing for the day, the whole frigging day. Ah, but first, I must do updates on my computer, check my phone, check my email, check the news (which is usually not at all good). Whatever, I’ll get better (he told himself).

Act I, Almost

I’ve been working on a novel (mystery genre) for a while now. I developed the idea, concept, premise, and theme on June 2, 2015.  I developed character sketches and researched various aspects of the story over the next three weeks. Finally, on June 27, I began writing the actual story.

Thanks to the time I took setting up the project, the words have flowed almost too easily. I’m ready to close Act I, which, in case you didn’t know, is about one-quarter of the way complete. I’ve tentatively mapped out Act II and Act III in my head, but I’m willing to let the characters have a hand determining how the rest plays out.

My original timetable for completing a first draft by the end of August seems better suited for a third novel, or maybe even fourth. I’m now planning to have a first draft ready by the end of October and the final draft ready before Christmas. There, I’ve said it…


Time Suck

I gave up my domain name (awriterwrites.com) almost a year ago because I associated it with some rather bitter memories of a failed effort at keeping a Tech Writing business afloat. Who needs those kinds of memories? I guess I do, because I just took it back. These days, my chameleon-like career label is tending towards writer. However, getting back my domain name required I give up nearly an entire day of writing to get it up and running (not perfect, just running). I forgot how much of a time suck web stuff can be.